pottery barn blue background entrance

4 Easy Steps when Decorating Around Color

Want to brighten up that space with color? SCH contributor, Linda Mendible, gives you 4 easy steps that will have you decorating with flying colors! Color never looked so seamless here's an easy approach to having your space looking fabulous as you feel.
Shopping Antiques Blue Dishes

A Visit Back to the Future

Ever feel like you are in a different world when you stay with the in-laws? SCH Contributor Jenny Klouse takes her family on a trip to Michigan and experiences some antique shopping and modern-day outlet mall shopping.
pottery barn outdoor coffee table decor

7 Ways to Decorate a Coffee Table

Ever wonder how to decorate that elusive coffee table? Interior Decorator Linda Mendible gives you 7 ways to decorate that top and have a glowing living room through decor.

Succulent Birdbath

Do you love succulents? SCH Contributor Donna Jones shares another great tip for growing succulents in a birdbath.