Shopping Antiques Blue Dishes

A Visit Back to the Future

Ever feel like you are in a different world when you stay with the in-laws? SCH Contributor Jenny Klouse takes her family on a trip to Michigan and experiences some antique shopping and modern-day outlet mall shopping.
pottery barn outdoor coffee table decor

7 Ways to Decorate a Coffee Table

Ever wonder how to decorate that elusive coffee table? Interior Decorator Linda Mendible gives you 7 ways to decorate that top and have a glowing living room through decor.

Succulent Birdbath

Do you love succulents? SCH Contributor Donna Jones shares another great tip for growing succulents in a birdbath.
Pantry Shelves Organize Storage Jars 950

Dave Says – Column on Biblical Money Management

Best-selling author, money expert and radio host, Dave Ramsey, gives financial advice on paying off debts without hidden penalties, and the huge advantage of bi-weekly mortgage payments with the goal of becoming completely debt free.