Peonies Fuscia wood fence

The Master’s Garden

How many times do we insist on our own way and not ask Our Father’s will for us? He gives us so much more than a teensy bit of soil and droplets of water. Are we not members of the body of Christ, a much larger garden?
pottery barn living room with white couch

5 Keys to Stage Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar

Preparing your home to sell can be as easy as changing the layout! SCH Contributor & Interior Decorator Linda Mendible gives you 5 essential keys to successful staging before putting the For Sale sign in the yard!
Teranea Succulents Over Grown Pool 1000

Creative Gardening with Succulents

Do you love creative gardening with succulents? SCH Gardening Editor Donna Jones shares more ways to keep growing and adding succulents to your garden.
Natural Soap with Olive Oil and herbs 1200

Can Pure Olive Oil Soap Help Stop Sex Trafficking?

Hear the incredible story of Christ's love in Lebanon! Clean your skin without stripping away natural oils with Hearts in Harvest 100% pure olive oil soap. Your support helps a refugee family in need.