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Last edited on: May 21, 2012.

Sara and I had known each other for years, always in the context of prayer groups.

She called me one day.  “Cindy, I need your help. We bought a new house. I have worked with many great designers in the past but the houses always ended up looking like a museum. I need someone who understands my heart and who can give my home the warmth that only comes from the Holy Spirit and I want this house to do its part in leading people to The Throne where they can meet with Jesus.”

southern colonial house cindy barganier

I begin every project with the prayer, “Establish the work of my hands Oh Lord.”  His answer this time was to lead me to artist Ruth Barrett of Atlanta.

I will do a post on Ruth soon.

This painting, entitled “Prostrate Before Him” became the inspiration for the entire house.

ruth barrett painting cindy barganier interiors

Standing 5′ tall the abstract work depicting The risen Christ with worshipers falling at his feet will stop you in your tracks.

Its colors and spirit set the tone for everything else.

The house is a grand Southern lady who demands a degree of formality so with this in mind we designed spaces that transition gently from formal to more casual as you move from the foyer into the heart of the home.

grand foyer with custom stark carpet runner


antiques filled living room cindy barganierpaneled study cindy barganier

The Beasleys own Pickwick Antiques in Montgomery, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia, so shopping with them is fun to say the least.

formal study cindy barganier

The dining room was the hardest room of all for some strange reason. We finally found the magnificent dining table just before move-in.The base is old concrete pedestals; the top Venetian marble.

traditional dining room cindy barganier

The painting, called “Girl With Plums” is my favorite.

I had artisans come in and hand trowel the walls with wax mixed with 5 different glazes which we then buffed to a soft sheen.  At night the room glows with this incredible inner warmth that makes guests want to linger.

We all loved the foliage on this Vervain fabric (not knowing that “Someone” had a special reason for wanting us to love it. More on that later.)

This fabric led me to use the green silk for drapery. Little did I know the significance of these decisions.

trumeau mirror, armoire,, cindy barganier

The dining room leads through the butler’s pantry to the kitchen, breakfast room and family room.

Stay tuned for part II where I will share with you the surprising twist that our sweet Lord put on the end of this project.



Photography by Rus Baxley of Montgomery, Alabama.

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  1. Jeff Barganier

    I enjoyed working as an “assistant” on this wonderful project. The clients were fabulous people to work with and the results were stunning.

    • mm
      Erica Galindo

      Your wife is a gifted and godly woman! You are truly a blessed man! We look forward to hearing more about how the Lord has touched many lives through her many talents!


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