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Last edited on: July 27, 2017.

God’s fingerprints are everywhere.

Yes, though I walk through the deep, sunless valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear or dread no evil, for You are with me.

PSALM 23:4

Living where I do, surrounded by mountains, rivers, and wildlife, it’s not hard to recognize the existence of our Creator. The wisdom of the changing seasons; the power of birth and regeneration; the beauty and diversity beyond imagination. God’s fingerprints are everywhere.  But maybe even more convincing is when His fingerprint shows up in the most unexpected places.

Yesterday I had to do the thing I probably dislike the very most: buy a new laptop. It’s not just the inconvenience or having to stretch this 47-year-old brain around new and updated programs. It’s the whole process of buying a piece of equipment that I use daily, but really don’t have the knowledge or language to talk about with a salesman.

I don’t know about processors or GB or resolutions. I’m not sure what speed or size or capacity I need. I just turn it on and write.

So, I did what I’ve always done when I needed a new computer: I called my very smart, little brother, Cody. The same Cody who built my website and captured the amazing photos that are in my book. He is my lifesaver.

Well, after a dozen phone calls and visiting numerous websites and stores, I was finally ready to push the button.

The salesman on the other end of the line was very polite, even if he talked a bit fast for my techi-challenged brain. He asked what kind of business I’m in and I told him that I am an author and musician. We talked a bit more and he suggested a whole different model than I had intended to order. This, of course, threw me into a tailspin; I needed to make a quick call (to Cody!) before making a decision.

This was no problem and he sent me an email with the specs and the number for his direct line. “Oh, and what’s the name of your book,” he asked.

“This Beloved Road,” I replied. “Just go to and you’ll see it.” And we hung up.

A few hours, several phone calls to Cody, and a trip to the store later I called the salesman back. When I said who was calling, he said, “Oh yeah – the author. Great website!”

I was a bit surprised he had taken time to check it out, but replied back, “Thanks! My brother did a great job!”

“Oh, that too, but I mean the content. So many people don’t get it. There’s such a bigger picture.” And we had a moment of sharing our faith in Jesus.

At the end of the call, he briefly went back to our earlier topic. “I’m sending you another email with my story. You’ll see why going to your website meant so much to me.”

And we said goodbye.

I clicked the link in his email and was immediately met with the smile of a beautiful lady. Underneath – her recent obituary. Left behind – a husband and young daughter.

Only God knows the depths of what that salesman is going through. Only the Holy Spirit could orchestrate a frustrated shopper who writes about this God’s power and love and healing to call right when this salesman’s line was open. Only the Creator of a perfectly ordered universe could bring together a need in Nashville with an encouragement in Jackson Hole.

This is why I believe.


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