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Last edited on: February 11, 2015.

The Emmy-nominated documentary Primary Concern has been sweeping the nation as millions fix their eyes on America’s most pressing medical crisis. What are we as a country facing?

Aging baby boomers and the health care workforce, an additional 30 million people seeking help through the Affordable Care Act, fewer residents going into primary care, and even fewer residencies open for those doctors. The United States is unequipped to handle possibly the worst health care fall-out in a century.

The United States faces a severe shortage of doctors; Photo Courtesy of Gallo/Ghetty.

Primary Concern is up for the 2014 Southeast EMMY Awards in the category for Best Documentary (Topical) which is airing on PBS stations across the nation. No strangers to this prestigious award, Livingston+McKay LLC has previously won a Southeast EMMY for the documentary “Voices” with co-producer Karen Deem. The Livingston+McKay team is comprised of pioneers in the story-telling business – from documentaries to books to film, this group never misses.

The documentary takes place in rural Georgia, where the shortage of primary care physicians is dire. It is the 9th most populace state and 5th fastest growing in the nation. With the medical education system being what it is, Georgia is predicted to rank last in the number of US physicians by 2020.

Dr. Sumner asks how her patient’s doing. She’s been seeing Jean Sumner for decades.; Photo Courtesy of Livingston+McKay

“From the Georgia perspective, maybe perhaps more so at the federal level, we’ve got to educate.We’ve got to help make this a priority and a front burner kind of issue.”

–Hon. Cecil Staton, Georgia State Senator

Why should this concern the rest of America, you may ask? Because this physician shortage is not unique unto Georgia. This affects every state across the country. Which begs the question, where have all the doctors gone?

Approaching this crisis from a non-partisan standpoint, Primary Concern has received the attention and respect of liberal and conservative news sources since its release leaving stations across the country clamoring for more. Wildly acclaimed by those who see it, Primary Concern has put a finger on the pulse of a pending crisis.

This documentary shares the stories of primary care doctors that stand against incredible odds – odds that each American is going to face in the very near future. The storm is coming. Is there any way to stop it? In case you missed it, catch Primary Concern on PBS this fall!

Check your local PBS listings for days and times Primary Concern will air in your area. A partial list of air dates and times may be found as stations make known their schedules.

Want to learn more about this documentary? Check out this award-winning media team at

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