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Last edited on: November 19, 2014.

Throughout the ages, an insidious conspiracy has worked against the Church, covering up its true identity. Powerful Church leaders have led the way, diverting and distracting the people they led from anything other than God’s will. As long as this conspiracy has existed, though, there have been men of God willing to fight it. Now one documentary is poised to strike one final blow, ending the deception once and for all.

With a star-packed cast including Kevin Sorbo (God’s Not Dead), Jason Burkey (A Long Way Off), Eric Roberts (The Dark Knight), John Schneider (Doonby), and Brad Stine (Persecuted), Let the Lion Roar will bring to light your identity as a child of Christ and your purpose in this world. This film hits theaters September 19.


For more info, check out “Let the Lion Roar” Film Claims to Expose ‘Conspiracy Deceiving the Modern Church’.

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