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Last edited on: November 19, 2014.

Philippians 1:6 tells us when God starts something, He will see it through to completion. In a rather unconventional road to Christian music, singer Julie Elias has felt this in every aspect of her life and young ministry.  “I feel like I got a Masters’ degree worth of information in the first two years, everything was so new! Even though I grew up singing in church with our praise team, it was never something I pictured doing with my life. Never.”

Julie’s path included a passion for musical theatre, film and acting which took her to Hollywood. Appearing regularly on shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” and “CSI:NY” and even in films with the megastars like Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts made for some great experiences but left her empty in the long term.

“Once the initial excitement wore off, I realized that acting alone was not making me feel significant. Since a little girl, I wanted to do something with my life that really impacted others and this wasn’t it for me. I prayed to God that He would open doors that would reveal His master plan for my life, so obviously clear that even a stubborn 20-something like me couldn’t ignore them. And He did. Almost immediately.”

Promo image something; Photo Courtesy of Julie Elias.

Julie is the first to recognize that all of her life experiences have proven essential to her ministry, songwriting and a new series of teen Topic-Driven Concerts that she does at youth groups across the country and often as special Girls-Only events.

“All of the topics I cover – real beauty, rejection, etc. – all are from personal experience. Nowhere do you learn about rejection faster than trying to be an actress in Hollywood!!” she laughs. The concerts include skits based on the topics, a short message, a free 16-page book on the topic (authored by Julie), and, of course, tons of music.

Leading worship and doing concerts at a variety events for all ages and backgrounds has been important to her experience but choosing to focus on teen girls has a very personal connection for Julie. “Middle school was the hardest time in my life so far. Period. Those girls can be MEAN.

See the Official Music Video for Julie Elias’ “Breathing Room”:

As an adult you realize that it comes from their insecurity but as a teen when you’re going through it, it is really rough. It makes me so sad to see girls be so hurtful to each other. My goal with these concerts is to encourage those girls being effected but also help the other girls figure out why they are acting out the way they do and understand that there actions are not helping anyone.”

Teen concerts were the driving force in recently creating her first worship CD, Love Rain Down. “For me, this album was about creating a worship experience that would really connect with people, especially young women. So many worship songs are led by guys and most of the songs led by women are ballads. Girls can rock, too, you know!” Julie hopes this CD will resonate with teen and tween girls as well as with all fans of contemporary worship.

“I want it to be a worship experience. The songs I chose are all about letting God be a part of your life, through the good times and the bad.” The title song, “Love Rain Down,” is one of two originals Julie co-wrote on the album. Based on Psalms 36:9-10, “Love Rain Down” is about God’s blessings in our lives and quest to fill what is empty.

The cover for “Love Rain Down”; Photo Courtesy of Julie Elias.

“I’ll Depend on You” is a powerful rock ballad that encourages people to depend on God at all times…especially in that time of waiting. “You hear a lot of songs about times that are good and times that are bad, but what about the in between? I think that unknown time is the scariest. Sometimes learning to trust God while we’re waiting for His answers is the lesson we need to learn. “

Combining the style of worship bands like Jesus Culture, Bethel and Hillsong United with pop music influences that include Kelly Clarkson, Sara Bareilles, Christina Perri and even some hints of 80s rock, Julie’s sound is sure to stand out to listeners.

“Good music is good music. God has given me a huge responsibility with this platform and I want to bring a sense of purpose and artistic quality to my music that makes even non-believers go ‘wow, that was really good.’ Music moves people in ways other things can’t. The potential to reach people through great music with a message of God’s love is huge. I consider it a massive privilege and I can’t wait for what He has planned next.”


For more information on Julie’s ministry and teen topic-driven concerts, please check out her website Julie Elias Music


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