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Last edited on: January 24, 2015.

Join Us LIVE for a Healed, Healthy and Whole Seminar!


Starting in February, Marion M. Pyle, author of Healed, Healthy and Whole, How We Beat Cancer with Integrative Therapies and Essential Healing Strategies and her husband, Russell, a bladder cancer survivor, are launching a series of Healed, Healthy and Whole seminars highlighting the integrative and alternative approaches that helped heal him and hundreds of others across the U.S. of cancer. (More at


Designed for those who wish to learn about alternatives to conventional cancer treatments, this four-hour interactive, multi-media, seminar will unpack the non toxic, natural and high-tech, holistic therapies that are helping prevent and heal cancer, as well as other chronic conditions. The content will include:

  • The science and distinctions between conventional and integrative cancer protocols
  • The variety of integrative and alternative cancer treatments
  • Testimonies of doctors and medical experts in the integrative sphere
  • The use of nutrition as medicine, plus delicious, easy-to-prepare menus
  • Food suplements and restoration of the immune system
  • The importance of pH acid/alkaline balance
  • Psycho-spiritual coaching and healing prayer
  • Exercise and oxygen therapy
  • Survivor testimonies

“Hundreds of readers have thanked me for the new awareness, guidance and hope they’ve received from the Healed, Healthy and Whole book,” said author Marion M. Pyle ( “Now they want additional equipping, and a deeper level of understanding and application. So, we’re excited to offer these seminars that will be packed with even more valuable information, resources and instruction.”


The first Healed, Healthy and Whole seminars will be held in February in Southern California. For more details about times and locations, early bird discounts, how to register, and/or how to host a seminar in your area, please contact Healed, Healthy and Whole at:

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