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Last edited on: June 22, 2017.

Teleios Research conducted a survey by recruiting respondents from visitors to InstaPray, a Christian Instagram account. The research reveals how church helps spiritual growth.

There were 884 participants surveyed about their Christian life and how church affected their wellbeing. The majority of participants: attended church at least 4+ times/month (80%); were female (73%); ages 18-30 (39%); reside in the USA (56%); college or post-graduate degree (30%); employed (37%) and evangelical (77%).

How does church/church members help your wellbeing? The 3 most common responses are noted below:

  1. Prayer (59%) – Prayer is a cornerstone of Christianity. The church might assist prayer by acting as a guide to supplications to God, a more expansive prayer experience and promoting prayer in believers’ lives.
  2. Spiritual growth (56%) – Participants generally recognized the church helps them in their Christian lifestyle and to become mature believers.
  3. Praise and worship (54%) – Praise of God is central to the Christian life and for the church.

The above list is encouraging in that the church is emphasizing spiritual growth, prayer, and praise in young church attendees. However, the amazing finding is that Christian adolescents have the same desires for their church experience as the millennial generation.

How does church leadership help your wellbeing? The 3 most common responses are noted below.

  1. Bible-based teaching and preaching (75%) – Overwhelmingly, this criterion was selected by participants. It should encourage the church to see such an important cornerstone of church function chosen by young evangelicals.
  2. Encouraging Bible-based speech (51%) – This choice was a surprise for second place as this topic often seems minimized in church life. The Bible indicates our speech should be primarily for the hearer, to meet their needs, and not for ourselves.
  3. Powerful biblical vision for the church (44%) – Participants also perceived that the church leadership actually help their wellbeing by directing the church in Biblically based goals!
Dr. William Stewart, co-founder of Teleios, Inc, commented “The church functions not to meet its own institutional needs primarily, but to equip its members to impact the world for the gospel and to serve the local community for the common good. These results demonstrate the incredible unity, across the world and age groups, provided by the Bible and promoted by the Holy Spirit among young evangelicals.”

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