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Last edited on: September 9, 2017.

Recently, Museum of the Bible put together a powerful video that gives viewers a glimpse of what to expect in the museum. The Museum of the Bible exhibits are hinted at by showing a live-action representation of many historical time periods where the Bible played a major role.

The Museum of the Bible is set to be opened in a couple of months, and anticipation is steadily rising. This is perhaps the most anticipated Christian-based museum since the Creation Museum, which opened 10 years ago. The project has recieved an incredible amount of backing from private donors, both small and large. The property (a 15 minute drive from the White House in Washington DC) was provided by Hobby Lobby founder and CEO David Green.

A short film dedicated to the most iconic book in human history. Watch as the film weaves together twelve influential historic events illustrating the Bible as the common thread that connects history.

Are you excited to visit the new museum in Washington DC? Let us know in the comments! We can’t wait for the Museum of the Bible to display how God has been at work throughout history!

See behind the scenes footage at pictures.

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