15th of April – American Minute – Historical Events

In 1988, President Reagan said: In 1988, President Reagan said: "I believe God did give mankind unlimited gifts to invent, produce and create. And for that reason it would be wrong for governments to devise a tax structure that suppresses those gifts."

American Minute – Historical Events April 12

"If it had been left to us to determine it, we would have had no war. And, going further back to the occasion of it, we would have had no slavery. And, tracing it still further back, we would have had no evil...On both sides we are working out the will of God." ~ President Abraham Lincoln

Back To School: 5 Tips For Busy Moms

Summer is winding down; parents and kids alike are counting down the days until school begins. Heather Riggleman shares some timely and handy tips for making the days run more smoothly for today's busy family.

Delightful Devotions

A recently found and completely delightful devotion for young children is "My Big Book of 5 Minute Devotions, Celebrating Gods World" by Pamela Kennedy. With animals as the center, colorful illustrations, B...