two children gardening outside with plants and flowers - sustainable gardening

Sustainable Gardening | Having God In Your Garden

As caretakers of the beautiful Earth that God created and entrusted us with, we must do our part to help the environment. SCH Contributor and Gardener, Marianne Farrier, teaches us how to care for the Earth through sustainable gardening.

Interior Design Inspired by Christ

You may assume that interior design and Christ have no connection whatsoever, but Cindy Barganier proves that they are, with her beautiful interior design inspired by Christ. Through the power of decorating, the warmth of the Holy Spirit emanates from this majestic home!
white interior design of a summer kitchen home - stage your home to sell for top dollar

5 Keys to Stage Your Home to Sell for Top Dollar

If your home is on the market, staging it beautifully can be they key to a quick sell! SCH Contributor and Interior Decorator, Linda Mendible, gives 5 helpful tips to make your home more appealing to buyers and stage your home to sell for top dollar.
Family in Kitchen Recycling Paper and Plastic - Environmentally friendly kitchen

Steps to an Environmentally Friendly Kitchen

Not only does an environmentally friendly kitchen help the Earth, it adds value to your home! Here are some green cabinets, flooring, counter-tops and more that can help your kitchen be sustainable.
Beautifully decorated yellow french country kitchen in warm, cozy home - french country kitchen

French Country Kitchen

Interior Designer Leo Dowell shares some of his secrets for creating an elegant Country French kitchen. Here, Leo creates timeless beauty by combining unique materials from different periods.