close up of colorful succulents with purple and green colors - garden with succulents

How To Garden With Succulents

Looking for an inexpensive, low maintenance way to start gardening? Today, Donna Jones explains why we all should garden with succulents.

Succulent Garden Extravaganza

SCH Contributor and Sonoma Photographer, Donna Jones shares gardening tips for enjoying and extending your succulent garden along with her gorgeous photos.
closeup of red cherries with stems - visiting Imwalle Gardens in Sonoma County

Visiting Imwalle Gardens In Sonoma County

If you need a road trip in Southern California, here it is. Join SCH Contributor and Photographer, Donna Jones for her trip visiting Imwalle Gardens in Sonoma County.
ocean water on rocky beach with blue skies - travel to balboa island

Why You Should Travel To Balboa Island

Looking for your next destination location? SCH photographer & contributor Emily Semans has found it for you in Southern California and why you should travel to Balboa Island.