A Real Partner

Diane Paddison advises that taking the time to honestly explore your expectations before you get married can help establish a healthy habit of open communication and help you avoid major pitfalls down the road.

Should Creative Work By Christians Be Safe?

If you’re a Christian pursuing a life of creativity, SCH Contributor Phil Cooke's advice is to stop worrying about being safe. "Start pushing the boundaries. Start telling the truth. Start showing us life as you really see it."

Advice To My Younger Self

SCH Contributor Diane Paddison has learned valuable lessons on her journey as both a Fortune 500 CEO and a Christian woman in the workplace. Be blessed by the wise advice that Diane would tell her younger self.

Say Goodbye to the Elephant in the Room

SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds urges us remove the stumbling blocks in our lives that keep us from progressing on our spiritual journey and enjoy a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God.
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So Did You Lead

SCH Contributor, Amy Layne Litzelman assures us; "The one thing that we can always encourage each other with is the steady, unfailing, unchanging character of God.

No Sarcasm – Not Today

SCH Contributor Carol Barnier, emphasizes the importance of taming of our tongue and reevaluating our perspective, when it comes to interactions and conversations with one of God's most cherished gifts, our children.