Faith Learned from my Kids

When we come before God as His children, do we have selfish motivations for seeking time with Him? SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds calls us to evaluate the way we come into our Father's presence.
A Teenage Girl Doing her Homework - coach your kids through homeschool

Why Your Older Kids Fight Your Teaching

Children are individuals. Rarely does one method of instruction work on every single child in a family. In her book How To Lead Like Jesus, SCH Contributor Tricia Goyer teaches parents how to see children's unique individuality, specifically their hearts.
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We’re All Wired Differently

SCH Contributor Carol Barnier shares some insightful advice and humor for parents who are blessed with pint-sized conversationally-gifted offspring.

No Sarcasm – Not Today

SCH Contributor Carol Barnier, emphasizes the importance of taming of our tongue and reevaluating our perspective, when it comes to interactions and conversations with one of God's most cherished gifts, our children.