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Finding Hope on the Battlefield

"Those who trust and follow Jesus aren’t lead to a playground, but placed on the battlefield". SCH Contributor, Pastor Michael Hayward conveys a stark reminder that in following Jesus there is sacrifice, there is toil, there is suffering; there is also glory to be witnessed and celebrated.
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Trust Versus Fact

"Jesus consistently took the facts that were presented to him and overcame them with the truth of who He is." SCH Contributor Amy Layne Litzelman points out that as humans we tend to base reality on what we see, hear or feel. However, those who are grounded in Christ Jesus, rely on an distinctly different relm of truth.
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Character in Crisis

"It’s one thing to say we follow God, but what really matters is what we decide to do in a crisis." SCH Contributor, Pastor Jesse Bradley reminds us that we don't choose our problems, but we can stay committed to follow God in the midst of them.

The Perfect Gift Isn’t Under the Tree

"The most amazing gifts cannot be wrapped up in a bow! "SCH Contributor, Heather Riggleman takes a moment to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas and spending precious time with the ones that hold your heart in their hands.
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Contentment is a Choice

"What if I could taste today and not worry about the obligations of tomorrow?" SCH Contributor, Heather Riggleman urges us to truly consider what we have in the here and now, to drink in all that today has to offer and to hold steady in the moment while the time is still ours to cherish.

From Humble Beginnings

SCH Contributor, Pastor Jesse Bradley affirms God's greater purpose for our lives, our ability to triumph in the face of adversity, to overcome tragedy and delight in His grace despite such humble beginnings.