Consumer Support Opens the Doors for Better TV Shows

When it comes to family-friendly TV, do we have a voice? SCH Contributor Dr. Diane Howard shows the connections the entertainment industry is drawing for next generation TV, as well as the power of audiences to decide.
good news

What’s the Growing Good News in Hollywood?

During a year where redemptive films are ruling the box office, many are asking about the future of family friendly filmmaking. SCH Contributor Dr. Diane Howard reports on the growing good news in the Hollywood industry.

‘Do You Believe?’ Interview with Actor Senyo Amoaku

Rising star Senyo Amoaku learned alongside the greats in 'The Expendables' and 'Freedom Project', & is now breaking onto the faith films scene with his inspiring role in 'Do You Believe?' SCH Editor at Large Dr. Diane Howard chats with the influential actor about his testimony & passion for film.