the fear of abandonment

The Fear of Abandonment

Fear daily plagues our minds and lives, especially the fear of abandonment and being alone. SCH Contributor, Dr. Tracey Mitchell proclaims freedom through processing our fear, specifically of the fear of abandonment, and facing our anxiety with godly truth.

Living with Your Non-Christian Spouse – Part III

Patience is one of the most important characteristics to exhibit as you pray for your non-Christian spouse. SCH Contributor Pastor Steve Carr teaches that we must wait on the Lord and focus on living intentionally as we share the truth of Christ.

The Bear that Ate Your Marriage

Marriage is our most important ministry, for those of us who are married. SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds shares important and practical ways we can keep our marriage healthy and full of light.

Living with Your Non-Christian Spouse – Part II

Marriage is extremely difficult at times, especially when you don't share the same faith. SCH Contributor Pastor Steve Carr encourages us to be realistic and remember the reasons why you got married, chances are there are some pretty convincing reasons.

Loving and Leaving

Do you fear your spouse will cheat? Have you been guilty of labeling people based upon a single experience? SCH Contributor Dr. Tracey Mitchell offers godly advice on how to better trust yourself and others.

Devil in the Dress

Relationships were intended as a gift from God, however, often in this broken world they become a source of pain in our lives. SCH Contributor Dr. Tracey Mitchell preaches wholeness, empowering her readers with ways to seek healthy and joyful relationships.