The Investigator – Official Movie Trailer

Inspired by true events is a stirring film that will touch the hearts of audiences and challenge them to consider the reality of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The movie tackles life's challenges while a Sergeant seeks the truth to find his own purpose in life. Parental advisory: Mild Adult Content

Chris Tomlin – God’s Great Dance Floor

Burning Lights finished release week at #1 on the Billboard Charts marking the 4th time in history a Contemporary Christian album has done so! Check out one of the many inspiring songs GOD'S GREAT DANCE FLOOR.

Father of Lights – Official Movie Trailer

Darren and his team take you on their wildest, most powerful ride yet. Asking the simple question, "Who is the Father?", you will be blown away by the incredible and historic encounters they were able to capture.
one direction

One Direction: This Is Us – Official Movie Trailer

Captivating the hearts of younger and older generations alike, ONE DIRECTION is a band that started as solo artists and became an ensemble of "brothers." Witness their rise to fame on X FACTOR, in their new film ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US.

The Ultimate Life – Official Movie Trailer

The sequel (and prequel) to the award-winning THE ULTIMATE GIFT is an inspiring story about a young man who discovers his grandfather's journal with the true secret of the meaning of THE ULTIMATE LIFE.