texting turns to sexting

Teens, Texting Turns to Sexting

When teens' texting turns to sexting, we often blame peer pressure. But what if there's a deeper reason that children are engaging in such harmful activity?
empty nest eternal father

Empty Nest, Eternal Father

As I have done countless times before, I remain motionless, peering through the open closet door, staring at all that remains of our children’s childhood. His favorite books and games, her much loved dolls and ...
God loves you

Wherever You Are, God Loves You

God is greater than a person's mistakes. No matter where you are in life or what you're doing, God loves you. Consider the heart He has for you.
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The Gospel is God’s Glad News

The Glad News provided in the Gospel for the human race was written by clear revelation from God. It shows us how we can be saved from hell and enjoy eternal life with God.
Bridge over rocky sonoma mountains in orange sunset - responding to god's greatness

Crazy Love | Responding to God’s Greatness

In today's hectic world, even the act of prayer can seem insincere and rushed through a slur of meaningless words. Francis Chan teaches us the importance of responding to God's greatness by simply slowing down, being silent, and reflecting on all that He is.