single parent swim beautifully landscaped backyard pool with waterfall

Single Parent Swim

After 17 years of happy marriage, Sue Birdseye found herself abandoned with five children embarking on the single parent swim. In this excerpt from her book "When Happily Ever After Shatters" Sue provides five great tips for single parents who feel like they are drowning in the waters of single parenthood.
the truth of God's Word,

My Secret To-Do List

Do you enjoy making lists? SCH Contributor Amy Litzelman shares about her secret to-do list & how to revolutionize your own list & impact your life.
the talents God gives you

Make the Most with the Talents God Gives You

SCH Contributor Diane Paddison tells us that no matter your capabilities or individual strengths, you should make the most of the talents God gives you, no matter how limited your capabilities may seem.
the flicker of an old flame

The Flicker Of An Old Flame

Sometimes the temptation of the flicker of an old flame creeps back into our lives. We need to remember that God says to guard our hearts. SCH Contributor Tricia Goyer shares how to protect yourself & your marriage.
beautiful Charles Bridge in Prague

Do You Need A Bridge To Cling To?

SCH contributor, Tricia Goyer, reminds us that God's love can reach us wherever we are! His amazing grace and relentless love will follow us to the ends of the Earth!