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Preparing your home to sell can be as easy as changing the layout and slapping some new paint on the wall. With a little bit of ingenuity and elbow grease we can have you well on your way to having that home from staged to sold.

Getting too attached to your layout, decor and colors of the home you are leaving behind can ultimately hinder you from getting that offer. Sometimes all you need is a fresh pair of eyes. Before putting your home on the market consider hiring a professional to give you some sound advice or have a friend do a walk through of the home, both are great ways of acquiring important feedback.

According to new listings are up 14.5% stay ahead of the curve, here are 5 key points on things you should consider tackling before placing that home on the market.



First impressions are a lasting impression, you want your home to sell quickly, you have to give your best first impression and that’s usually before the buyer even steps into the home. Can’t afford professional landscaping? You can easily go to your local Home Improvement store for incredible tips and advice for the right seasonal blooming plants with little to no maintenance.

Tip: If you’re in winter, consider plants that are colorful that add green and texture, spring or summer? Blooming plants would be ideal. Make sure to take care of that lawn as well, giving that door a face lift wouldn’t hurt neither.



Paint it Neutral. Yes it’s an investment, and depending on how many rooms you have painted outside of the neutral palette, this may be an easy and cost effective way to make your home more appealing to more potential buyers. When looking for a home buyers usually want a clean palette, one they can put their own stamp on and make it theirs.

Neutral colors allow the buyer to envision what they would do with the space, whether they leave it as is, or paint it with color. It’s a lot easier to paint over white walls then red ones. Moving is enough work, make it more appealing by providing a turn key ready home.


Ikea Storage Solutions

This can be a little tricky so don’t take it personally, if you want your home to sell you have to look at your home from the buyers eyes. Although having all your items on display may work for you currently, keep in mind, buyers are not looking to buy your knickknacks they are looking at the home as a whole. Having to much for the eye to see in a buyers eye is deemed as clutter no matter how organized.

Make sure to keep it neat and tidy, vacuum carpet areas and sweep where sweeping is due. Remove smudges and dust accordingly.

Kitchens and baths are said to sell a home, make sure to have counter tops neat, clean and free of clutter. Closets should also be decluttered, giving the impression that they have enough storage and space.

Buyers refer to looking for great bones, great floors, space and natural light.

Tip: Having personal pictures up makes it difficult for the buyers to see themselves in the space. Make sure to store personal pictures in a local storage facility along with bulky furniture and items from your wardrobe you are not using.This allows the space to speak for itself. What should be in the home is pieces that accent and compliment the home.


Open blinds, pull back the curtains making sure to let in the natural light that every home owner dreams about. Allow your potential buyer to envision themselves in the space, if you have an area that can be used as a breakfast nook, lay it out accordingly. Set up decor to look inviting and entice your buyer. The last thing you want is confusion of the functionality of the home.

TIP: Consider the best attributes of the home and highlight them through minimal yet intentional decor. For instance, highlight a focal point, or strategically place plants in appealing areas. Use the senses, making sure to add potpourri in the right spots especially if you are a smoker or pet owner.


Home Depot

Most buyers don’t want to do any minor renovations or little projects, they want turn key, move-in ready. What ever you can do to finish up any unfinished projects now is the time to finish them. Make sure that cabinets close, faucets have no drips and all doors close and lock properly.

Take these keys into consideration and you are well on your way to receiving multiple offers!

Featured image is from Pottery Barn

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