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We all have a style, some more distinctive than others.

Here’s a fun quiz to better help you identify your interior design style and find that decorista within. Whether it’s through furniture shopping, decor browsing or revamping that room, here are 7 questions to help you identify your inner interior designer.

Break out the pen and pad and get ready to jot down the letter that best answers your unique style.

Which answer best defines you?


1. When you browse through your favorite furniture store you are usually wowed by-

A.   Bright colors and eccentric decor

B.   Natural wood tones

C.   Florals

D.  Anything neutral

Nordstrom – Kate Spade


2. Your leisurely pleasure can be defined as

A. Going to that new Thai restaurant because you love new exotic places and surroundings

B. Going on a hike and reconnecting with nature

C. Shopping and finding that great outfit for tonight’s gala

D.  Snuggling up with a good book.




3. The picture above for you is

A.  Lacking color and flare

B.  Ok, but where’s the natural wood tones?

C.  Too cold, but I love the flowers

D.  The Perfect Living Space

Pottery Barn


4. When you go out furniture shopping you end up picking

A.  Something that speaks to you and it’s usually a pop of color!

B.  You love the natural elements and love something with an outdoor vibe.

C.  Something that reminds you of Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennett eat your heart out.

D.  You go more towards the monochromatic, cool tones are very appealing.


5. A night out on the town for you is…

A.  A chance for you to try something new

B.  Checking out the local community and artisan shows

C.  A romantic getaway

D.  Either staying home but if I had to…going out to the movies with friends



6. When it comes to kitchens, your dream kitchen must have is

A.  Calcutta Marble

B.  Butcher block or reclaimed wood elements

C.  Farm House sink

D.  Quartz it’s so chic!


7. Your favorite go-to outfit is

A.  Those bottoms you got from your travels and that top that screams boho

B.  Cargo pants, a pair of sneakers and a comfy top

C.  A beautiful sundress with heels

D.  Skinny jeans and a simple top w/ your favorite pair of flats


If you choose mostly A

You are all about exotic escapes and eccentric decor. You are not afraid of color and when people describe you they usually associate your personality with bubbly and worldly. Your not afraid to speak your mind and when it comes to decor that best fits your personality it has to have history. You’re Interior Stylist within is … BOHO – GLAM

Mostly B’s

You’re all about bringing the outdoors in, you tend to have deep thoughts and consider the impact you have on the environment. Your favorite exercise may include yoga or a trip on a airy trail. Others may describe you as a go getter and logical thinker. Your Interior Stylist within is…RUSTIC – CHARM

Mostly C’s

You love romance, some of your favorite old movies include Breakfast at Tiffany’s and The Great Gatsby. Your style of fashion coincides with your love of luxury items as well as the feminine appeal. Those who know you know, your love for shopping is contagious and you have a warm heart. The term you mostly hear is down to earth despite your fashionista tendencies. Your Interior Stylist within is… TRADITIONAL – FEM

Mostly D’s

While others may be jumping on the bandwagon of color your go to’s are neutrals. Grey is the new black in your book and as far as design goes, you adore clean lines and appreciate dark stains. People may confuse you as an extrovert when indeed you are more of an introvert and love reading the next good mystery novel. People may describe you as interesting due to your keen sense of knowledge and random facts. Your Interior Stylist within is… MONOCHROMATIC – MOD


Your beauty should not come from outward adornment,
such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes.
Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit,
which is of great worth in God’s sight.

1 Peter 3:3-4


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