women shopping during the holidays in cold weather - credit free christmas

5 Reasons Why A Credit Free Christmas Is Better

When you're shopping with a card, it's easy to go overboard on your spending. Businessman and Author, Dave Ramsey, shares why paying with cash and doing a credit free Christmas is the best option for families on a budget.
woman in white hat overlooks beautiful sea and mountains - when you're having money problems

When You’re Having Money Problems

When you're having money problems, keep your faith in God and seek Him above all! Author and Speaker Rhonda Stoppe shares her biblically-inspired advice and gives insight on dealing with financial struggles.
wooden row boat on the beach at sunset - handling money God's way

Handling Money God’s Way

The Bible says give to the poor & tithe to the church. Darlene Sala explores handling money God's way by studying Jesus' expectations of finances.