gold necklace and bracelet christian cross jewelry - christian cross jewelry

Christian Cross Jewelry | More Than a Fashion Statement

The cross is a symbol of Christ's great suffering for us, but also His unending love. When we wear a cross, it is actually a form of worship, devotion, and praise - not just fashion. Here is why wearing Christian cross jewelry is a beautiful way to declare your faith in our God!
Young beautiful women at the weekly cloth market, Best friends sharing free time having fun and shopping in the old town in a sunny day, Girlfriends enjoying everyday life moment - organize a wardrobe

Organize a Wardrobe | More than Clothing

A woman’s reticence about organizing her wardrobe, often times has little to do with the clothing and much to do about the memories related to the garments. Learn how to get rid of old clothing without losing the sweet memories.
beautiful woman with camera overlooking neighborhood fashionable - be an organized shopper

7 Tips To Be An Organized Shopper

Is shopping a little too overwhelming for you? SCH Contributor and Brand Expert, Juliann Stitick, shares 7 incredible tips to be an organized shopper and save tons of money along the way!
Happy, fashionable women friends shopping for hats and smiling - Building a wardrobe

Building a Wardrobe | An Investment in Your Health

Brand Expert Juliann Stitick explains how becoming the best you can be means taking care of yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Building a wardrobe is just the fashionable icing on the cake!
Happy woman shopping with fashion bags downtown - Tips for successful shopping

8 Great Tips for Successful Shopping

Instead of being a relaxing experience, shopping can sometimes be stressful and leave you feeling unsatisfied. Brand Expert and SCH Contributor JuliAnn Stitick shares with you simple and fun tips for successful shopping!