happy couple on vacation

Isn’t it Time Your Spouse was a Perfect Ten?

SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds calls attention to the fact that watches in advertisements stop at a "Perfect Ten," at 10:10, just like some folks wish their spouse was a perfect ten. But life in a marriage is what happens with the second hand sweeping through each and every moment. Take time to reflect on the moments that happen at 10:10.
Child relaxing in a garden swing with books.

The War for Our Children’s Minds

There's a war for our children's minds. Secular books, movies & education want to steer them in the ways of the world. This new book for tweens & teens offers a whole new Christian adventure.
woman reading on beach. finding purpose can reduce stress

How Finding Purpose Can Reduce Stress

Stress happens because we’re out of sync with what we’re doing for a living. Author, Speaker & Producer Phil Cooke explains how finding purpose can reduce stress.