Succulent Garden Extravaganza

SCH Contributor and Sonoma Photographer, Donna Jones shares gardening tips for enjoying and extending your succulent garden along with her gorgeous photos.
Hummingbird-Red-Flowers habitat for the holy spirit

A Habitat for the Holy Spirit

SCH Gardening Editor Marianne Farrier shares inspiration from the garden on how to prepare the soil of our hearts for the Holy Spirt to dwell.

Gardening With Raised Beds

Here in the wine country the combination of rich soil and exceptional climate make it easy to have a plentiful garden. SCH Contributor and Sonoma Photographer, Donna Jones shares some helpful gardening tips along with some of her gorgeous photos.

Resiliency in The Garden

SCH Contributor Marriane Farrier shows us that plants are incredibly resilient, being able to withstand drastic swings in temperature, which leaves you in wonder at God’s creative power.

A Garden Beyond Compare

SCH Contributor and Sonoma Photographer Donna Jones takes us on a walk through her summer garden. A living, changing place full of fun and color!