The Gift of Small Things

One of the most amazing gifts that God gives us that often gets overlooked is the gift of small things. Praise Him for the "little" blessings too!
God knows your future

Only God Knows Our Future

Only God knows our future. Though we don't know what tomorrow brings, Jesus came to give us eternal life. Have you accepted His invitation?
choosing your heavenly fragrance. spa and aromatherapy set with rose flowers mortar and spices

Choosing Your Heavenly Fragrance

Choosing your heavenly fragrance means making sure your character is upright & Godly. SCH Contributor Eileen Koff shares how to make sure our character is what it should be.
God is in the details. white window green outside

God is in the Details

Pastor Jesse Bradley reminds us that we need to remember God is in the details of our lives. It is important to not only value the end result, but also the process that gets us there.