finding hope in hopelessness

Finding Hope in Hopelessness

Are you finding hope in hopelessness? Pray, follow & be obedient to God. Trust Him with the results & be joyful in our Savior.

Birth Pangs

When will Christ return? Christ has not revealed exactly when He will come, but He has told us signs to watch for. The time of His coiming is unclear: the fact of His coming is certain. Blackaby Daily Devotional.

Judge Not- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

There is a significant difference between judgement and discernment. God sees people's hearts and knows their motives. You will be helpful to others only if you see them as God does.
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Wisdom Justified- Experiencing God Daily Devotional

As long as you base your life choices on the Word of God, time will be your defender and will validate the wisdom of your choices. It is critical that you measure everything you hear against the Scriptures. God's Word is timeless.