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Last edited on: January 23, 2018.

Watch the video about how the universe points to a creator below! The video comes from a passion event, where Louie Giglio shared a memorable presentation on how big God is and how small we are!

Imagine your house.

Zoom out to your city.

Go farther out, until you can see your country.

Even farther, until you can see the whole world.

Don’t stop! Keep going until you can see the entire solar system.

Farther, farther, farther, until you can see the Milky-Way galaxy!

According to the most reliable estimates, there are over 100 BILLION galaxies in our universe! When we think about how small we are in relation to the rest of creation, it can make us feel insignificant. However, the beautiful thing is that God – the creator of the universe – cares for each individual human being on planet earth.

This should cause us to be amazed at who God is, and be moved by His love for us. The creator of the universe loves us!


We are small. God is great.

Did you enjoy this inspiring video? Check out another video from Louie Giglio called ‘Unthinkable You’! Also, please comment your thoughts below! Have you ever attended a Passion event or seen Louie Giglio in person? We’d love to hear from you!




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