Mother's Day Garden Party - Erica Galindo dessert party in the garden. Sonoma Christian Home.

Mother’s Day Garden Party

As Christians, most of us strive to honor our parents throughout the year; A Mother's Day Garden Party will bless your mom and help you keep the direct command from the Lord.
Family Enjoying Movie Night At Home Together. 5 best movies for Mother’s Day

5 Best Movies for Mother’s Day

How about giving your mom a gift of time for Mother's Day and share a movie together! Check out this list of 5 best movies for Mother’s Day to watch with mom.

The Sweet Lamb of Easter

When it comes to food, roasted lamb for Easter dinner is a symbolic reminder of the resurrection. The sweet lamb of Easter represents the purity and innocence of Jesus Christ, his wondrous sacrifice, and the joy of new life and rebirth.

Easter Food Traditions Around the World

Whatever your family heritage may be, by adding a touch of history to your Easter menu, you are sure to bless your loved ones with food memories with meaning. Join Erica Galindo on a culinary journey through Italy, Greece and France for a look at some of Europe's most delicious Easter traditions.

Orange Cranberry Jalapeno Relish

This is one of my all time favorite holiday relish dishes - sweet and citrus flavored with a highlight of spicy pepper! This orange cranberry jalapeño relish will also look gorgeous on your holiday table!

9 Tips for Dealing with Holiday Conflicts

Does your stress level increase this time of year? SCH Contributor and Life Coach Carolyn Dunn reveals how to have peace & tranquility with 9 tips for dealing with holiday conflicts.