Happy and beautiful woman in sunglasses smiling in sunshine - Is Jesus Enough For You

Is Jesus Enough for You?

It's easy to find fleeting happiness in worldly pleasures, but true joy comes from knowing Jesus Christ. Author & Speaker, Carol Rounds, asks us the question "Is Jesus enough for you?" and shows us why we can't be content with simply fitting Jesus into parts of our life. We need to make Him the center of it!
A curvy road during autumn through the mountains - let god in on the little things

Let God In On The Little Things | God Interruptions

God wants us to do kingdom-building work every day of our lives, not just on mission trips or during dramatic struggles. Grammy Nominated Christian Singer and Author, Michele Pillar, shares why it is so important to let God in on the little things daily and trust He will take something small and make it life-changing.
woman with arms outstretched on rock upon river - observe rosh hashanah

3 Ways Christians Can Observe Rosh Hashanah

Should Christians observe Rosh Hashanah? SCH's newest Contributor, Jeanne Nigro, shows us why celebrating this holy feast can help us draw closer to our God, and why the Feast of the Trumpets is not just for our Jewish friends!
woman carrying purple basket of flowers - honoring god through your speech

Honoring God Through Our Speech

When you speak, are your words truly honoring God? Pastor Jesse Bradley teaches us how honoring God through our speech only comes when we speak truth - not lies, or flowery words.