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Last edited on: October 17, 2016.

God wants us to do kingdom-building work in our daily lives! Michele Pillar shares why it is so important to let God in on the little things every day.


We are all alike. Our human will is strong and a force to be reckoned with. The good news is our real life is eternal. C.S. Lewis said, “You have never met a mortal.” The essence of who we are is immortal and eternal. Eternity begins when our little fleshly vapors of steam give out.

But when my little vapor gives way I want more than the knowing it worked out for me. I want to know God’s life worked out through me! I want more out of heaven than an eternal face-lift. I want to know that my life really mattered.

But how do we make certain this will happen?

We’ve all heard the question, “What would you do if this was the last day of your life?”

It’s a good question. It recalibrates us. Frankly, it makes me unselfish. Without it I’m a big blur caught up in an endless list of what I want and what I do.
So, what if we were to give God permission to change the title of our to do lists to: “Things God Wants Today”? Let’s call them God interruptions.

Are they inconvenient? You bet.

Will I be comfortable when these interruptions come my way? Never.

Do I have to recognize the push when God’s delivers the shove? Absolutely.

Do I have to give God permission to interrupt my day? Indeed.

It’s not easy but when God derails my plans with His’ all of a sudden mine pale in comparison. Soon, I am partnering with the living God and words fall off my tongue like, “How are you doing?” And I can feel God’s heart for the woman standing in front of me. Watching God infiltrate the moment for this sweet, young woman who’s helping me with my groceries, is a sight to behold and much more exiting than the milk I came in for. She fights back the tears because God-infused questions are powerful. They hit the nail on the head. Only He knows that this weary cashier will leave work early to visit her child who lays in a hospital bed, fighting for her life. And that she has two other kids at home, being watched by a neighbor she doesn’t know very well. And only God can give her the peace she needs about that situation too.

She feels exhausted and powerless but at some miraculous point during our little chat she will know God’s been there, every sleepless night and has heard every single prayer she’s prayed. She’ll recall the night she fell back to sleep, and didn’t know how she did, but thought an angel brushed her brow and she woke up refreshed. And all of a sudden, she won’t feel alone or powerless. For the first time in her life, God will be real, because I was real and He graciously chose to let me in on this miracle.

But to make this a regular part of my life, I have to be willing to be willing. And I have to be willing to be interrupted. And I have to be willing to open my heart and mouth. After that, the rest is easy. God has a voice, and today it will happens to sound like mine. And I won’t be quick to forget this day. It will linger, long after the milk I came in for has soured in my fridge.

“The one who holds onto his life will lose it and the one who gives up his life for My sake will find it.”—Jesus. (Matt. 16:25)

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