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Last edited on: October 17, 2016.
Christians are called to pray, fast & vote for election 2016! The TV special “In God We Trust” aims help voters discern who will best lead America.
In God We Trust. The message is simple, powerful, and universal, crossing racial, political and socio-economic lines. The television special In God We Trust declares it is time for Christians to pray, fast, and then to vote for the candidates of their choice in the upcoming election. Facing the stark reality that over 27 million registered Christian voters did not vote in the 2012 election, the leaders involved with this project believe that a responsible turnout of Christian voters in November will pave the way of hope for our nation.
“Most American Christians will agree that we have drifted far from our Judeo-Christian values and face perilous times as a result,” states Don Black. “We believe that it is time to take our country back to our roots and to faith in God.”
In God We Trust viewers are encouraged to sign an online In God We Trust proclamation, pledging to pray, to fast, to vote and to place their trust in Divine Providence. A downloadable e-version of the devotional In God We Trust 21 Day Action Plan is available to guide participants through 21 days of prayer and fasting for the nation.
This television special is spearheaded by Don Black, president and CEO of Cornerstone Network, along with other ministry broadcasting partners including Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas and Pathway to Victory TV and radio program, Andrew Wommack, founder and president of Andrew Wommack Ministries and host of The Gospel Truth TV program. Also adding their voices are Joyce Meyer, founder and president of Joyce Meyer Ministries and host of Enjoying Everyday Life, Perry Stone, founder and CEO of Perry Stone Ministries-Voice of Evangelism/OCI and host of Manna-Fest TV show, Henry Fernandez, founder of Henry Fernandez Ministries and senior pastor of The Faith Center, and Gordon Robertson, CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network. It is hosted by Kristi Watts, former co-host of The 700 Club. More than 150 million homes can watch the In God We Trust television special nationwide.
“Christian leaders should not use their platforms to promote their personal choices… it’s our divine call to focus on Biblical truths and God’s purposes, not on specific political candidates. I do not share many of either candidate’s moral values and life choices. But it is not my role to judge their personal character. My responsibility is to address the planks of each party’s political platforms. This is the foundation upon which the candidates intend to build the future of America for our children and grandchildren.” — Don Black
The In God We Trust television special can be seen on:
*        VTN – Victory Television Network
*        SON Broadcasting Network
*        GEB – GEB America
*        WACX – The Super Channel
*        TCT – Tri-State Christian Television
*        Daystar
*        CTVN Cornerstone
*        IBN – Immanuel Broadcasting Network
*        TLN – Total Living Network
*        CTN – Christian Television Network
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