Laura Harris Smith, author of best-selling "The 30-Day Faith Detox"

Laura Harris Smith Talks New Book | ‘The 30-Day Faith Detox’

SCH talks with Author Laura Harris Smith about her latest book that is leaping off the shelves – 'THE 30 DAY FAITH DETOX.' SCH Editor at Large, Ginny Dent Brant, reports on Smith's strategy of detoxing our faith by renewing our minds, cleansing our bodies and healing our spirits - in just 30 days.
Cropped shot of a young beautiful african american woman asleep on her side peacefully in bed - can sleep prevent disease

Can Sleep Prevent Disease?

Can sleep prevent disease? That Sunday siesta might actually be helping you thrive! SCH Contributor Marion Pyle shares seven helpful ways to improve sleep.

Persevering Through Pain

Are you struggling to move past something in your life? SCH Contributor Jack Watts reminds us that we have been forgiven much, and so we should choose to forgive others.
Yellow sunset man worship at cross

God Understands You

Do you ever feel like God is too good to understand your weakness and sin? SCH Contributor Jack Watts reminds us that God can sympathize with us and that He can use our pain to make us stronger.