Cropped shot of a young beautiful african american woman asleep on her side peacefully in bed - can sleep prevent disease

How Sleep Can Prevent Disease

That Sunday siesta might actually be helping you thrive! SCH Contributor Marion Pyle shares seven helpful ways in which sleep can prevent disease
Man's hands holding a tiny tabby kitten that is sleeping safely and peacefully

Learning to Trust God

Are you struggling with fear? SCH Contributor Jack Watts reminds us that the Lord is our strength and you have no reason to be afraid.

The Rewards of Praise And Trust

How is your faith today? Are you in a dungeon of sorts, suffering the loss of a dear one, a job, a reputation, income, health?SCH Contributor Marion Pyle encourages readers to live in praise and trust even in the hard times.
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Your Life is a Divine Masterpiece

SCH Contributor Marion Pyle reminds us that our life is a divine masterpiece and we should roll out our carpet and have a moment of true reflection and rest

My Life Still Has Purpose

No matter what has happened to you in the past, you are a person of immeasurable worth. SCH Contributor Jack Watts reminds us that every life has a purpose and that we are all valued in His eyes.

I Am So Fearful

Do you struggle with fear? SCH Contributor Jack Watts reminds us that God gave you a loving and powerful spirit, and that His power makes you stronger than your fears.