Christian movies for Easter

5 Timeless Christian Movies For Easter

Check out these 5 movies for Easter! They give life to the time when Jesus walked the earth and will help you grow closer in your relationship with Him!
son of God

Son of God – Movie Review

Son of God is the biggest movie about Jesus' life to date - a huge step for faith-based movies in Hollywood! SCH Contributor Raschelle Loudenslager gives us the scoop on this Christ centered, life-changing film.
the book of esther

The Book of Esther – Movie Review

SCH contributor, Sharon Wilharm gives us a behind the scenes look at the talented Director David A.R. White's dramatic adaptation of the timeless tale of the beautiful Queen Esther.
amazing love

Amazing Love – Review

SCH Contributor - Andrew Adames gives a compelling review on a touching film AMAZING LOVE. A youth pastor shares the powerful story of Old Testament Prophet Hosea.

Escape – Movie Review

SCH Contributor - Tara Duffy gives an insightful review on the film. A dramatic thriller takes us through Thailand after Paul, a doctor and his wife experience another situation when Paul is taken.