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Perfect Tensions by Amy Layne Litzelman

Perfect tension: Spiritual hunger is a precious gift from a Creator who knows our weaknesses - it leads us to motivation and to seek pleasure beyond ourselves.
women need a work sponsor

Why Women Need a Work Sponsor

SCH Contributor Diane Paddison, a major proponent of professional sponsors and mentors writes that women must learn to see work relationships more strategically in order to propel their careers. She offers three tips to network and find your perfect mentor.
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Isn’t it Time Your Spouse was a Perfect Ten?

SCH Contributor Michael K. Reynolds calls attention to the fact that watches in advertisements stop at a "Perfect Ten," at 10:10, just like some folks wish their spouse was a perfect ten. But life in a marriage is what happens with the second hand sweeping through each and every moment. Take time to reflect on the moments that happen at 10:10.
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A Far Greater Purpose

Sometimes the negativity in the world can be overwhelming, but SCH Contributor Amy Layne Litzelman reminds us of our far greater purpose and encourages us to "To release hope. To speak truth. To love beyond ourselves."
small miracles

Big God, Small Miracles

Life is full of little inconveniences. SCH Contributor Diane Paddison shares with us one moment where she relied on God to correct it and perform a small miracle.