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My Secret To-Do List

Do you enjoy making lists? SCH Contributor Amy Litzelman shares about her secret to-do list & how to revolutionize your own list & impact your life.
the talents God gives you

Make the Most with the Talents God Gives You

SCH Contributor Diane Paddison tells us that no matter your capabilities or individual strengths, you should make the most of the talents God gives you, no matter how limited your capabilities may seem.
beautiful Charles Bridge in Prague

Do You Need A Bridge To Cling To?

SCH contributor, Tricia Goyer, reminds us that God's love can reach us wherever we are! His amazing grace and relentless love will follow us to the ends of the Earth!
asking for help at work

Asking for Help at Work

Is asking for help at work a challenge for you? SCH Contributor Diane Paddison breaks down some great steps toward achieving your goals.
Old wooden Fence with tall grass in field Sonoma Vineyards getting new eyes

Getting New Eyes

For artists it's not so much about how they draw but how they see. It's like getting new eyes when we see God's perspective. SCH contributor Amy Layne Litzelman writes that when dwelling from this perspective, we see purpose, beauty, and life.