doorways of desire pretty old door with spray of roses

Doorways of Desire

"The dream hibernating within you may be the doorway God has chosen to pour out his glory through you." Amy Layne Litzelman offers a word of encouragement for those struggling with doorways of desire.
too good not to share bride in white gown with flowing spray of flowers

Too Good Not To Share

Read words too good not to share about rekindling passion for your spouse, rejuvenating your future, and reigniting your relationship with Jesus.
vision for fruitfulness blueberries in rustic basket

A Vision For Fruitfulness

SCH contributor Casey Bombacie explains the Parable of the Sower. "This passage reveals to us God’s vision for fruitfulness for is the quality of the soil that produces good fruit."
finding hope in hopelessness sonoma christian home flowers on rock

Finding Hope in Hopelessness

Are you finding hope in hopelessness? Pray, follow & be obedient to God. Trust Him with the results & be joyful in our Savior.
humble places of love An Interesting Abandonded Old Rock Homestead in a Beautiful Field Loaded with the Famous Texa

Humble Places of Love

Amy Layne Litzelman urges us to not be impressed by what is accomplished with hard work but instead "bend low to see those who rest humbly before their Maker." See the humble places of love.