God loves you

Wherever You Are, God Loves You

God is greater than a person's mistakes. No matter where you are in life or what you're doing, God loves you. Consider the heart He has for you.
prayer and happiness

Prayer and Happiness

Want to be happier? Focus on prayer. It is free & it’s easy & can change your attitude. Prayer & happiness often go hand in hand.
listening to God

Listening To God

It seems we always have time to ask God but do we really want to or take the time to truly listen to what God has to say? SCH Contributor, Jesse Bradley urges us to put listening to God at the top of our forever-growing to-do lists.
just be loved

Just Be Loved

Ever been in one of those seasons where you’ve been stripped of everything? Every once of strength, dignity, respect, and peace? Nothing is the same–not even your routine. It may be exactly where God wants you to just be loved.
tending the soil

Tending the Soil

We go through seasons where we stop tending the soil of our soils. Just like plants need water, we need spiritual "watering." The dryer our souls, the longer it seems to take for Godʼs Word to penetrate.
alone in a church crowd

Alone in a Church Crowd

Do you go to a great church but you still feel alone in a church crowd? Focus on the positive and see where you can affect change.