The Gift of Small Things

One of the most amazing gifts that God gives us that often gets overlooked is the gift of small things. Praise Him for the "little" blessings too!
Kids watch animals and birds at the zoo. Children watching wild life at safari park. Family day feeding animal at city zoo or farm. Boy and girl exploring nature and wildlife. Summer day trip.

Do Christians Belong in a Zoo?

Michael K. Reynolds wonders if Christians belong in a zoo because our every move & word is constantly being watched. The secular world can poke & prod at us, looking for ways to discredit all our beliefs.
you're such a wet blanket. woman holding succulents

Why God Loves That You’re Such A Wet Blanket

Don't feel bad if you're such a wet blanket. Find out why SCH contributor Michael K. Reynolds says, "So what do we do if we become involved in a conversation that drifts toward gossip or an incident where tempers are rising? Celebrate!"
magnificent. Beautiful Little Blond Girl in Summer Garden Magnificent by Heather Beadles


It’s only because of Him that I could ever be Magnificent. He is the one that should be recognized, not me. Only through Jesus is there true Magnificence.
blonde woman sitting alone in church

Alone in a Church Crowd

Do you go to a great church but you still feel alone in a church crowd? Focus on the positive and see where you can affect change.
child and dog diving in pool

When You’re Scared to Take that Leap

Throughout life's journey we come face to face with situations that require the risk of rejection or pain. Jennifer Dukes Lee helps us discover the meaning of true courage & what to do if you're scared to take that leap.