Pensive woman feeling bored while leaning on a stack of books in a library - God makes all things work for good

God Makes All Things Work Together for Good

Marian Pyle relays that her life is sometimes chaotic and uncertain.Yet God makes all things work together for good. Read this to find out how God makes beauty from brokenness.
beautiful wooden bridge over water in sunlight

God’s Grace and Voice

Accessing God's grace and voice means slowing down and giving Him our full attention without distractions. Sometimes God's grace includes protecting us from ourselves.

When God Says No

Do you ever get frustrated when it seems God ignores your prayer requests? SCH Contributor Darlene Sala teaches how to have holier expectations in prayer and what it means when God says no.

How to Have Faith in Your Future

Are you the person that plans for every possible outcome? SCH Contributor and Pastor Kenny Luck explains the pitfalls to over-planning and teaches how to put faith in your future.