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Last edited on: July 13, 2016.

Sometimes we find our life is a chaotic mess. Yet somehow, God makes all things work together for good and he creates beauty from the brokenness. This pattern happens over and over again in life.


A year ago, a friend and I hosted a table for a women’s tea at our church. While we both owned lovely pieces of silverware, goblets and serving dishes, I had just moved and my fine china was still packed away in boxes. She didn’t have a complete set for eight people either. We decided to deliberately mix and match the pieces that we did have available and create an eclectic table of colors and designs, including different tablecloths!


The end result was so fabulous, it even surprised us! The diversity of colors, shapes and textures ended up blending together in a very eye-catching and appealing way. We had taken a big risk and it could have been a disaster. Thankfully, it all worked together beautifully and we ended up with one of the most artistic and attractive settings in a room of 20 other tables!


Romans 8:28 Table

I called it our Romans 8:28 table after one of my favorite Scripture verses:

“In all things God works for the good of those who love him
and have been called according to His purpose.”


Just as God works in our lives bringing wholeness out of the broken pieces—our mistakes, wounds, shattered dreams, the sins done to us by others, etc.—all the mismatched china at the table eventually blended together to create something truly unique and wonderful!


Healed, Healthy and Whole

A few years ago, the sudden diagnosis of my husband’s bladder cancer threatened to take his life, shatter our marriage, our dreams, and future together. It was a very dark and agonizing time. Yet, God made a way where human wisdom said there was no way.

We watched how God took broken pieces—a medical system full of limitations, a body impacted by disease, a situation that triggered massive confusion, dread and unspeakable sorrow—and made it somehow all work together for ultimate good.

A year later my husband was declared cancer free—and has been ever since! We stand amazed to this day and praise Him every chance we get (you can read our full story at


Behind the Scenes
Are facing broken circumstances in your life right now? A layoff? A chronic illness? A betrayal? Are you feeling disoriented? Devastated? Are you looking at your life and wondering how to make sense of all the chapters, twists and turns, changes, and disruptions? Take heart!

God promises us He is working behind the scenes to bring good out of evil, joy out of mourning, victory out of ashes, and put a new song of praise in your mouth—in His perfect time. Though it tarry, you will see God’s purposes come to pass in your life and marvel at His expert hand guiding all the events and weaving them together into a magnificent design. You are His work of art. Trust Him!


Shouts of joy and victory resound in the tents of the righteous;
the Lord’s right hand is lifted high;
the Lord’s right hand has done mighty things!
~Psalm 118:15-16



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