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Last edited on: August 4, 2016.


Based on the best-selling novel, Miracles from Heaven: A Little Girl, Her Journey to Heaven, and Her Amazing Story of Healing, Director Patricia Riggen (The 33) transforms the true story of Christy Beam into an emotional screenplay.

In this novel, Christy Beam learns that her daughter Annabel has an uncommon and painful digestive disorder. Due to the rarity of her condition, Annabel’s disorder was said to be incurable and her chances of living a healthy, normal life were slim, at best. As Annabel and her sisters joyfully played outside one sunny day, Annabel fell three stories headfirst into a hollowed-out tree, losing consciousness.

During the terrifying rescue from the tree, Annabel visits Heaven. When she is eventually revived, Annabel learns that she has survived the accident without even the slightest scratch and tells her parents what she experienced. Suddenly, defying all odds, her symptoms of her incurable disease begin to disappear.

From Columbia Pictures, Miracles from Heaven is an amazing story about a family overcoming what was thought to be an impossible situation.

Golden Globe Award Winning Actress Jennifer Garner along with Kylie Rogers and Queen Latifah join talents to bring Miracles from Heaven to homes everywhere as this powerful story is now available on DVD.

Miracles from Heaven Released on DVD

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