Struggling During the Holidays?

Is Christmas a difficult time for you? SCH Contributor and Pastor Kenny Luck provides 6 ways to overcome negative thoughts and emotions during the holidays.
Young woman relaxing while reading a book at the park - ways to find healing during yom kippur

3 Ways to Find Healing During Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur was a time of covering and cleansing for the people of Israel, and it is still applicable to Christians today! Author Jeanne Nigro shares 3 ways to find healing during Yom Kippur and let your heart find rest in our God.
happy older woman outdoors on river enjoying life - growing old godly and gracefully

Growing Old Godly and Gracefully

As women grow older, we tend to worry more about our changing outer image rather than our heart. Author & Speaker Rhonda Stoppe reminds us to grow old godly and gracefully, because the Lord has called us to continue honoring Him even in our old age.
a plastic heart of love in the rain on concrete - how to respond to hard times

How to Respond to Hard Times

Knowing how to respond to hard times is important for our physical, mental, and spiritual health. Author Marion Pyle has experienced times of tragedy & gives personal insight into how she has learned to cope in moments of trial.
Laura Harris Smith, author of best-selling "The 30-Day Faith Detox"

Laura Harris Smith Talks New Book | ‘The 30-Day Faith Detox’

SCH talks with Author Laura Harris Smith about her latest book that is leaping off the shelves – 'THE 30 DAY FAITH DETOX.' SCH Editor at Large, Ginny Dent Brant, reports on Smith's strategy of detoxing our faith by renewing our minds, cleansing our bodies and healing our spirits - in just 30 days.