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Last edited on: October 10, 2016.

As women grow older, we tend to worry more about our changing outer image rather than our heart. The Lord has called us to continue honoring Him even in our old age, and this is why growing old godly and gracefully is so important.

While shopping, I ended up on the “as seen on TV aisle”. You know, the aisle where you can buy the products you see on television––when you’re up all night with menopausal insomnia. As my eyes scanned the items, my gaze landed on a tool that promised to remove unwanted hair. I thought to myself, Oh this I gotta see. I don’t know about you, but the amount of chin hairs that now protrude from my face is disconcerting!I can’t tell you how many times my husband has entered the bathroom, only to observe his bride within inches of the 10-times-magnified mirror. And what does he catch me doing? Plucking those pesky chin hairs!

On one hand, I’m delighted my love and I are growing old together. It brings me comfort knowing we still cherish one another despite our frailties and idiosyncrasies. Yet, I do hate how humbling it is to sweat through a hot flash in public, or melt into a puddle of tears when my hormones are acting up––can I get a witness?
Surveying the lines on my face leaves me feeling vulnerable. To help me remember what really matters in this life, I have a card on my mirror that reads:

So even to old age and gray hairs,
O God, do not forsake me,
Until I proclaim Your might to another generation,
Your power to all those to come.
Psalms 71:18

Yes, that’s it. That is what I want to be my legacy. Not that I aged beautifully (although I will make every effort to do so),
but that I spend this season of my life proclaiming God’s might and power to this generation.

The world is a crazy place right now. The generation behind us is in desperate need of mentors to guide them––and of prayer.
When Israel had fallen so far away from the Lord, listen to what God observed in Ezekiel 22:30: And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.

This observation from the Lord breaks my heart. He was searching for someone––anyone––to stand in the gap and lift up their hands in intersession for the generation, who had turned from Him.

While it is heart-wrenching to learn of the state of our world,

wringing our hands and complaining about it

will not change anything.

And hiding our heads in the sand, looking for the latest fountain-of-youth product, taking road-trips in our RV’s, and ignoring the strife is also not what the Lord wants from us.
But prayer… yes, prayer, is a vital part of our ministry at this season of life
Remember, James 5:6 promises: The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. This means in order for our prayers to be effective, we have to be careful to keep our hearts pure from sin––beginning with a personal relationship with Jesus. (If you would like to know how to have a relationship with Jesus, contact me at*).

Titus 2:4 calls the older women to mentor the younger. I take seriously this mandate from the Lord––how about you? My new book IF MY HUSBAND WOULD CHANGE I’D BE HAPPY & Other Myths Wives Believe** is a personal mentor helping thousands of women build a no regrets marriage.

I have found incredible joy and passion for life as I obey God’s call to pray for––and mentor the younger generation, and I know you will too.

So you can bet that I’ll still pluck those chin hairs, wear sleeveless shirts in the middle of winter, and work to age gracefully. However,

I can think of no more gracious way to grow old

than to shine for Christ in this crooked and perverse generation.

And we can know, if God calls us to this He will carry us to the end.

Isaiah 46:4:

Even to your old age I am He,
And to gray hairs I will carry you.

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  1. Mary McMillan

    Aw Rhonda! I see you’re at it again 😉 how very gifted you are! I’m looking forward to reading your writings on this subject of growing old Godly & gracefully…..thank you again !
    Mary McMillan
    (Angie’s Mom)


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