Mother and son embrace by Christmas tree on Christmas morning - experiencing god's love during christmas

Experiencing God’s Love During Christmas

After a separation, Christmas may be an emotional time. However, God fills your heart more than any partner can. Author and Speaker, Rhonda Stoppe, shares the story of Nancy, a divorcee and non-believer, who came to Jesus after experiencing God's love during Christmas.
Happy African American family having fun in autumn park. Parents are holding their playful daughter on shoulders. - why you need to be a prayerful parent

Why You Need To Be A Prayerful Parent

Parenting is stressful, but prayer should never take a back seat to the grind of mom-life. Even a few moments of prayer can change your family's day. Rhonda Stoppe shares why you need to be a prayerful parent for your children today!
Little girl and her mother playing in the autumn park - be a prayer warrior for your children

Be A Prayer Warrior For Your Children

If you are not willing to drop everything to pray for your children, then who else will do it? Author & Speaker, Rhonda Stoppe, shares how you can be a prayer warrior for your children.
happy older woman outdoors on river enjoying life - growing old godly and gracefully

Growing Old Godly and Gracefully

As women grow older, we tend to worry more about our changing outer image rather than our heart. Author & Speaker Rhonda Stoppe reminds us to grow old godly and gracefully, because the Lord has called us to continue honoring Him even in our old age.