bridge over beautiful flowing river - when losing everything is not losing everything

When Losing Everything Is NOT Losing Everything

Sometimes, the Lord takes things away from us because He wants to bless us with something even bigger, better, and more incredible than our wildest dreams. Author & Speaker, Rhonda Stoppe shares her own personal story about when losing everything is NOT losing everything.
woman in white hat overlooks beautiful sea and mountains - when you're having money problems

When You’re Having Money Problems

When you're having money problems, keep your faith in God and seek Him above all! Author and Speaker Rhonda Stoppe shares her biblically-inspired advice and gives insight on dealing with financial struggles.
Loving romantic couple embrace in wheat field. - when he doesn't tell you you're pretty

When He Doesn’t Tell You You’re Pretty | Part 2

What can you do when your husband forgets to compliment you, or when he doesn't tell you you're pretty? In part two of this marriage advice series, we read from a husband's perspective and gain insight for both wives and husbands alike.
happy in love older couple relaxes on pier by the ocean - when he doesn't tell you you're pretty

When He Doesn’t Tell You You’re Pretty | Part I

Though your love for your husband is unbreakable, when he doesn't tell you you're pretty or go out of his way to make you feel beautiful, it can leave a harsh strain on your relationship. SCH Contributor, Rhonda Stoppe, shares her bibically-driven tips to combat this common marriage problem.

Learning Wisdom from my Elders

Speaker and Author Rhonda Stoppe at the age of 54, is still learning wisdom from her elders. When she was young, she believed that she had to have it all together. Rhonda now knows that everyone needs mentors and to be mentors.