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Last edited on: July 7, 2016.

For almost 40 years, Sight & Sound Theatres in Lancaster, Pennsylvania has been responsible for bringing Bible stories to life on stage with spectacular and stunning productions. Once again, the Bible comes to life with the magnificent performance of  the epic adventure Samson. 

In this latest biblical epic to hit Sight & Sound Theatres, Samson brings the Old Testament book of Judges onto stage in a marvelous production!

When Samson was born, God gave him the gift of superhero strength as long as he chose to continue to follow the rules. However, when temptation slips into his life, he loses his strength and sight. But did he lose hope?

Experience the physical and emotional battle as Samson goes on the battle the Philistines. In a miraculous story, witness the test of true strength in an epic adventure that will bring the house down!

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