Young couple enjoying a day at the park. 'The Dating Project' documentary on DVD

‘The Dating Project’ Documentary on DVD

'The Dating Project' documentary on DVD is available now! This Pure Flix documentary follows five people ages 18-40 as they navigate the dating scene, hoping for true connections.
Judge Jeanine Pirro is the author of several books. Happy Birthday to Judge Jeanine Pirro

Happy Birthday to Judge Jeanine Pirro

Happy Birthday to Judge Jeanine Pirro! The attorney and television host celebrates her birthday June 2nd. Find out more about this dynamic personality.
Close up of a athlete who rides his bike up a steep hill. The sun shines as his feet hits the pedals and he drives the bicycle forward.

Fathom Event ‘Godspeed’ Inspires Overcoming

Fathom Event 'Godspeed' inspires overcoming as the documentary chronicles the real-life journey of two men. In the world's most challenging cycling race, they battle physical exhaustion, cycling 3,000 miles in 7 days to raise money for orphans in Haiti.
Family Enjoying Movie Night At Home Together. 5 best movies for Mother’s Day

5 Best Movies for Mother’s Day

How about giving your mom a gift of time for Mother's Day and share a movie together! Check out this list of 5 best movies for Mother’s Day to watch with mom.