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Last edited on: October 23, 2018.

Are you facing something discouraging right now or going through a rough season? Sometimes social media, films and television can bring us down. We see perfect lives playing out before us and start to feel less than. But guess what? Nobody has a perfect life, despite what we see online. Social media is often just the “highlights reel.” People don’t always share their “behind-the-scenes” struggle with all their Facebook friends or Instagram followers.

Be encouraged. Your worth is not in the numbers of your followers or in the kind of car you drive or the level of perfection of the decor in your home. Your worth has been determined by the Creator of the Universe. He declares you are priceless, your worth beyond measure.

If you’re feeling discouraged today, turn on something that will uplift you and encourage you! Here are five films that show strength in adversity and triumph of the human spirit. Check one out for an uplifting movie night this week! If we can pray for you in any way, please comment at the end of this post and we will add you to our prayer list!

The Blind Side Starring actress Sandra Bullock and country music sensation Tim McGraw, The Blind Side tells the heartwarming true story of a young man, Michael Oher, who was raised in poverty, and came to live with and be loved by Sean and Lee Anne Tuohy. Michael becomes a football powerhouse and came to play professional football with the support and encouragement of his adoptive family. You will laugh, shed some tears, and be encouraged by this film.


 Remember the Titans stars veteran actor Denzel Washington and is based on the true story of an African-American coach trying to integrate a high school football team in 1970s Virginia. Ryan Gosling also stars in this film that encourages, inspires, and teaches us about overcoming and breaking down barriers.


Facing the Giants is a beloved faith-based film by the Kendrick Brothers. Starring Alex Kendrick as the coach of a Christian high school football team who is struggling with his finances and trying to create a family with his wife. His coaching philosophy develops into praising God, no matter what. We see struggle in this film through many lenses, but a steady theme throughout: God is good. This film too will make you laugh, think, praise, and cheer.


The Help is another film about adversity, overcoming, and seeing past our differences. This period film stars a cast of veteran actors including Jessica Chastain, Octavia Spencer, Bryce Dallas Howard, Emma Stone, and Viola Davis. Set during the Civil Rights Movement in 1963 Mississippi, it tells the story of Skeeter (Stone), an aspiring journalist who writes a book with the help of “the help”, telling a story from the point of view of the maids, which in turn exposes the deep racism and dark secrets of the people they work for. The film is entertaining, inspiring, and offers some valuable lessons.


Soul Surfer is another true story about Bethany Hamilton, a young surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack. The film stars AnnaSophia Robb as Hamilton, Helen Hunt, Dennis Quaid, singer Carrie Underwood, and Kevin Sorbo. The film shows this young girl’s triumph from tragedy to learning to surf again.


These films offer a great deal: some tears, laughter, and many important and relevant messages. Be encouraged!


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