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Last edited on: February 19, 2018.

Behind every great President is a strong First Lady. The 2016 movie Jackie starring Natalie Portman recognizes the importance of also honoring the position of First Lady for President’s Day. Portman’s role of Jackie Kennedy shares the raw portrayal of the beloved First Lady, wife of President John F. Kennedy who was gunned down while in a motorcade sitting next to his wife on November 22, 1963.

The Oscar-nominated film also starred Billy Crudup, Peter Sarsgaard, Caspar Phillipson, John Hurt, and many more. The movie transitions back and forth from Jackie speaking with a journalist (Crudup) after JFK’s death, sharing her innermost thoughts about the traumatic day, to then-current day Jackie as she copes with the tragedy.

Jackie was an iconic presence – she had impeccable style, a gentle nature, and was heralded as a wonderful mother, and supportive wife. Her sacrificial role meant that her husband could pursue the Presidency. She moved about with grace and poise demonstrating that her success in her roles were vital to her husband’s success in his.

Jackie is a poignant film to view on President’s Day as we honor those who’ve held the highest office in our great nation of the United States of America.

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