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Last edited on: April 15, 2018.

Half of American adults are single. Dating presents more challenges now than ever with the virtual loss of the romantic encounter – eyes meeting across a crowded room or bumping into someone in a coffee shop and having an instant connection.

Dating has been reduced to hookups and swiping left and right, and for folks who still desire those genuine traditional connections, this presents a daunting challenge.

The Dating Project documentary follows five people in their dating experiences, ages 18-40, as they share their challenges and stories. We’re busier now than ever and for those with busy careers, those full schedules present an even trickier struggle trying to find time to establish those genuine relationships.

All of this proves frustrating for many. The dating world seems impersonal and sometimes, impossible. In this digital world, how do people find that intimate connection, the soul mate they seek? Kerry Cronin, PhD at Boston College encourages her students to embark on traditional dating, and Dr. Cronin speaks throughout the film about dating and relationships.

Come out for this one-night-only event in 600 theaters around the country on April 17, 2018 only. Follow this Fathom Event at The Dating Project and find out where and how to buy tickets. Don’t miss it!

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