Redhead girl with suitcase in the autumn park with suitcase traveling. - Why god wants you to let go of the past

Why God Wants You To Let Go Of The Past

If you still carry brokenness from your life before knowing Christ, it's time to let go. In this heartfelt blog, Grammy-Nominated Christian Singer and Author, Michele Pillar, tells you why God wants you to let go of the past and embrace your new life in Him.
Girl smells sunflower in nature - God's miracle of forgiveness

God’s Miracle of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is truly a miracle. God did it when He sent His son to die for us, and He will help you forgive others in your life today. Author & Grammy-Nominated Christian Singer, Michele Pillar, shares why God's miracle of forgiveness will set you free from hurt & resentment!
A woman sitting on the seashore after sundown - the power of God's holiness and forgiveness

The Power of God’s Holiness and Forgiveness

Writer Jeney Pribyl grew up knowing about God, but she didn't truly love him. Only when she experienced the power of God's holiness and forgiveness did she begin to develop a personal intimate relationship with him.

Letting Go of a Grudge

Are you stuck in anger, holding a grudge? SCH Contributor Darlene Sala encourages us to handle conflict according to Scripture so we can get rid of the chip on our shoulder once and for all.
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Dealing with Your Sense of Guilt

Do you accept the lion's share of responsibility when things go wrong? SCH Contributor Jack Watts provides words of wisdom on moving toward a spiritual healthy state of being.