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Last edited on: February 17, 2018.

On Presidents Day, we honor the presidents of the United States who courageously and selflessly served our nation. President Lincoln had an incredible transformation, from the town atheist to a devoted Christian. Watch the video below to learn more about Abraham Lincoln’s journey to faith!

President Lincoln’s Christian worldview was evident by the way he led the country during his two terms. He clearly understood that all humans are equal under God. We are all created by God, and Jesus died for every single one of us. Because of that, slavery is clearly wrong. We have inherent worth because of our relationship to God – our worth is not based on our relationship to each other.

However, the beloved president was not always friendly to the Christian faith. When he was young, he was mad at God. He even wrote material to pass out in his town against God. It was only when he grew older and a pastor ministered to him that his convictions changed.

Lincoln worked tirelessly to abolish slavery and re-establish unity in the United States. He was exactly what our country needed at the time, and because of his success in his seemingly impossible task, Abraham Lincoln is widely recognized as one of the greatest presidents the US ever had.

The video above is from a program called Christian World News, produced by CBN.

Did you know about Abraham Lincoln’s faith and love for the Bible? Comment below to let us know!


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