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Last edited on: February 16, 2018.

Americans have the privilege of living in a country founded on Christian principles. The United States is a nation of freedom and equality, upholding the God-given liberties of its citizens. On Presidents Day we remember the former presidents of this blessed country. We honor their courage and commitment to American values. Happy Presidents Day from Sonoma Christian Home! Check out these five movies to watch on Presidents Day!

1. Lincoln (2012)

patriotic movie


What better way to kick off your President’s Day weekend than watching a film based on one of the best presidents in United States history? In this adaptation of the life and legacy of President Abraham Lincoln, three-time Academy Award winner Daniel Day-Lewis brings portrays the courage, and struggles, of the president amid the Civil War.

Abraham Lincoln is often cited as being a strong Christian. He was once quoted saying, “in regards to this great Book (the Bible), I have but to say it is the best gift God has given to man.” His Christian worldview led him to be one of America’s great champion of civil rights, taking the reigns when the US most needed him.

Sonoma Christian Home recommends parents to review the content of this film before watching it with young children.

2. Night at the Museum (2006)

Movies to watch on Presidents Day

Robin Williams as President Theodore Roosevelt in Night at the Museum, courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.

If you’re looking for a more family-friendly movie to watch on President’s Day, look no farther than Night at the Museum! Released in 2006, this family adventure film follows a night watchman (Ben Stiller) as he discovers the museum wax figures come alive at night! Some of the most touching moments of the film come when Theodore Roosevelt, played by the late Robin Williams, displays his wit and charm. The film certainly honors the 26th president of the United States, as his character acts as a mentor to the protagonist as the film goes on.

Theodore Roosevelt was also a God-fearing man. He once said, “the wise and honorable Christian thing to do is to treat each black man and each white man (or any person) on his merits as a man, giving him no more and no less than he is worthy to have.”

3. Beyond the Mask (2015)

Movies to Watch on Presidents Day

George Washington in the film ‘Beyond the Mask’, courtesy of Burns Family Studios.

Get ready to be transported to the Revolutionary War period in US history! Beyond the Mask is a great film to watch with your family. Not only is it the most family-friendly on this list, but it also has a riveting storyline and a redemptive message. The movie takes place during the mid-1700s, with a plot surrounding the signing of the Declaration of Independence. President George Washington makes an entrance near the end of the film. He must choose to either trust the protagonist’s warning or dismiss it as folly.

George Washington was the first president of the United States and is widely considered one of the best. He set the precedent for future presidents and helped the newly-founded nation to flourish. Not surprisingly, George Washington also held strong Christian values! He is famously quoted saying that “it is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.”

4. Air Force One (1997)

Movies to watch for Presidents Day

Harrison Ford in Air Force One.

This movie is not based on the life of any specific president of the United States, but it displays the passion and virtue that characterizes America’s best presidents. Air Force One follows one president’s (Harrison Ford) attempt to retake his plane from terrorists and save as many American lives as possible. The film is a classic thriller enjoyed by people all over the world, recognized as one of the best action films of the 1990s.

The president in Air Force One makes American lives a priority, often making sacrifices and tough choices in the process. The film also highlights the personal battles our nation’s leaders must face.

As with Lincoln, Sonoma Christian Home recommends reviewing the content of this film before viewing it with young children.

5. Left Behind: World At War (2005)

Movies to watch on Presidents Day

Kirk Cameron and Louis Gossett Jr. in Left Behind: World At War, courtesy of Cloud Ten Pictures

The third installment of the original Left Behind series continues the story of Buck, Chloe, and others as they navigate the end-times. However, events take a turn when the president of the United States gets involved in the conflict. It’s only when the fictional president (Louis Gosset Jr.) comes face-to-face with the evil Nicolae Carpathia that he realizes he can’t defeat the antichrist on his own. What follows is an emotionally-powerful scene where the president accepts Jesus as his savior and pays the ultimate sacrifice to save the United States temporarily.

The film is a thriller, a perfect movie for the family to watch on President’s Day! Unfortunately, the original Left Behind series was never completed, but World At War serves as an oddly-satisfying conclusion to the epic franchise!


We sincerely hope you have a great Presidents Day! Thank God that the US was built on Christian principles!





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